craft_beer_breweryCraft beer has exploded in popularity in recent times. All across the USA and the world, beer drinkers are looking for alternatives to the big names in brewing and trying the increasing number of home-brewed beers on offer.

Craft brewing is not a tiny little home industry, either. It’s growing at breakneck pace and is beginning to come into its own, challenging established labels and becoming a serious threat in some areas.

There’s even someone who became a billionaire by brewing craft beer. Ken Grossman, who started brewing back in the 80’s, has said that the last 30 years have been a phenomenal time for the industry and he’s watched it grow into what it currently is today.

Craft beer is designed to appeal to novelty seekers, and there’s a virtually endless variety of flavors, types, and styles available. From ale’s with a tinge of blueberry to light beers that taste like lime juice, craft brewing is only just taking off but has already produced so many different kinds.

craft-beerWhat started out as a cottage industry has now become something to be reckoned with in the economy. It’s estimated that craft brewing supports nearly 500,000 jobs in the USA alone, and with news features about unique brews being brought to market everywhere from New York to Cape Town to Singapore, it’s easy to see that this is an industry with a bright future.

Starting a craft brewery doesn’t have to be ridiculously expensive either. It’s possible to get started for as little as $10,000 for a small-sized microbrewery, and if brewing doesn’t appeal to you, it’s also possible to start a ‘tap house’ which allows you to serve crafts beers brought to market by others.

Have you ever tried craft beer? If so, how did you find it as compared to other beers you regularly drink? What did you find most appealing about it and what caused you to want to try it? Share your opinions in the comments below.