Go ahead and try to guess what the world’s most popular beer in the world is.

What did you think of? Budweiser? Guinness? Miller?

Think again!

The most consumed beer, and hence popular, in the world is actually Snow, a Chinese beer, which holds a 5.4% share of the world’s beer market.

snow-beerIn fact, as if we need any more evidence that China is taking over every industry in the world, the second most popular beer in the world is also Chinese. Tsingtao currently dominates nearly 3% of the world’s market, giving just the two most popular Chinese beers a combined 8.4% stake in the global beer market.

Panic not, American readers, your much loved Bud Light is the 3rd most drunk beer in the world, with Budweiser coming in at number 4. If you combine these 2 this company alone holds a 4.8% stake in the world market, just with the Bud brand.


Where would you go next in your mind when thinking about popular beers? To the Netherlands and Heineken or to Ireland for Guinness? Again, no. Brazilian beer Skol holds a 2.2% share of the world market, putting it 5th in the world rankings for most consumed beer.

Admittedly the staggering population of China plays a role in this and skews the numbers somewhat. Brazil isn’t actually short on people either, and internal consumption does play a huge role in these numbers.

So what’s your favorite beer? Which would you reach for first if given a selection of them all? What’s the most popular brew in your home country?