Beat the Heat Winter Beer Fest began back in 2010 when Dan Flanigan decided to put together something to break the stifling heat and allow people to enjoy drinking cold beer from all over the country in the sticky Arizona heat.

To begin, it gathered a few hundred thirsty celebrants, but it soon got bigger as word spread. As the festival grew, a VIP section was opened for those special guests who choose to make the Beat the Heat Winterfest. Some memorable characters showed up including Stone Cold Steve Austin.

The festival grew into a full two-day event including entertainment and features. At its peak, it saw several thousand people attend over those 2 days.

Last year, however, was the final year of the festival. It proved to be popular in its time, but the decisions was made to ultimately let is be remembered through its best days.

This site remembers the festival, and celebrates all things related to beer up to the present.