There’s a popular craft beer shop in New York’s East Village aptly named Good Beer. During a recent visit, I discovered an International Beer refrigerator tucked in the back of the shop, just waiting for me to purchase and then consume all of its inner contents. After painstakingly selecting five unique European beers (1 Belgian, 1 British, 1 Danish, and 2 German), I have been working tirelessly to sample each one for your reference. Check out my tasting notes below, and spend a night escaping to Europe with one of these delicious brews!

From Left to Right…

Blanche de Bruxelles (Belgium)

Orange Peel, coriander, and malty wheat give this white beer a unique sweet and sour flavor—great summer beer with substance. This one comes from the historic Lefebvre brewery in Wallonia (the French region of Belgium).

Wells Banana Bread Beer (UK)

This decadent ale tastes really does taste like dark chocolate chip banana bread. It’s fruity without being too sweet. I’d skip dessert and have this after dinner instead.

Augustiner Brau Maximator (Germany)

A wintry doppelbock, dark and velvet-smooth, with notes of caramel. Augustiner is the oldest brewery in Munich, and the Maximator brew was developed way back when it was a monastery—let’s party like it’s 1328!

Evil Twin Falco (Denmark)

A crisp IPA with plenty of citrus peel. It’s hoppy enough to satisfy even the most hardcore of IPA lovers. Perfect for enjoying the (slowly) approaching Spring weather. Take note—Danish brewer Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø is making some of the most innovative new beers on the market.

Kostrizer Schwarzbier (Germany)

This black lager tastes rich and malty, yet doesn’t weigh you down–nice bitter chocolate notes too!

Köstritzer Shwarzbier

What is your favorite international beer? Share your recommendations!