Beer Festival WaitressBeer is loved all over the world, but nowhere more so than the good ole’ USA!

To celebrate the love of beer in all its varieties, and because any old excuse for a beer will do, there are now more beer festivals in the US every year than you can shake a stick at.

While the beer calendar is jam-packed, with more than 2 festivals of note happening every month across the country in 2016, we’ve decided to bring you a quick list of the very best of them.

If you love to try different beers and are looking for a good reason to indulge, look no further than these beer festivals. Each one is unique and different in its own way, just like the beers themselves.

NYC Beer Week – New York City

Featuring over 40 breweries from the state of New York, this beer festival has been going on for 8 years straight. It takes place in mid-February, and the 2015 event features more than 200 venues. There’s plenty of variety on offer here in terms of both beer offerings and venues to relax, kick back and have a sip.

Bacon and Beer Classic – Various

beer festival crowdWhat’s just as good as beer? Nothing, you say? Well, as far as beverages go we’d have to agree, but the right beer paired with bacon just takes things to a whole different level of pleasure, and that’s that this festival is all about.

This one takes place all over the country, with local and regional breweries and restaurants attending the events to serve up mouthwatering bacon with all kinds of brews to wash it down.

Which one goes best with your favorite style of bacon? We know one thing – you’ll have a great time finding out!

Opening Tap – Philadelphia

This is one of the best known and fun beer weeks in America. Using the Hammer of Glory to tap the first keg, the festivities begin and the first beer flows. This event is packed with events and live music, and all kinds of beer are available from local craft breweries.

This one isn’t to be missed. If you’re in town, make you stop by for at least a day. It’s probably a good idea to book some time off, too, as festivities can get pretty lively.

American Craft Beer Fest – Boston

beer-festivalThe biggest craft beer festival on the East coast, this one sees 140 breweries dish out all manner of beers too in and around 15,000 drinkers.

Knowing the size of this festival and the exposure it gets, breweries pull out all the stops to serve up their best. Last year there were over 600 beers on offer, but we don’t recommend drinking them all! Well, at least not on the same day, anyway.

Boulevardia – Kansas City

Beer, food, music and more beer. Where do we sign up?

Boulevardia was created by the Boulevard Brewing Company in Kansas city to celebrate all of the above. It’s relatively new on the beer festival scene, having only been up and running for 4 years now, but hey, that doesn’t mean a thing and the variety and quality of beer on offer is excellent.

There are also multiple stages with live music being played, ensuring your time at Boulevardia will be a lively one.

So, there ya go! This is not an exhaustive list of beer festivals in America, but it does feature some of the highlights, and attending any one of the above will lead to an excellent time being had by all.

As craft beer continues to explode in popularity, don’t be surprised if even more beer festivals pop up all around the nation.

We fully encourage it. After all, we ask you once again, what is better than beer?